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How one man's vision turned into a family's reality...

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The construction industry has always been a part of Leslie. Her father, Don Reed, started Don Reed Construction, Inc in 1973. Growing up on job sites, it was only natural for Leslie to pursue a career in the “family business”. She married Paul McDaniel, an Alachua County firefighter/EMT in 2008.  


   Fast forward to 2014. Paul and Leslie have an 18 month old daughter, Millie Jo, and another, Josie Ann, due any day. The 2008 recession is over and the construction industry is booming again.  The future of Don Reed Construction is bright and headed for a great change. Reed McDaniel Construction, Inc is born. Leslie is working from home handling the bookkeeping and the children. Paul, a state licensed roofing contractor, retires from Alachua County to head up Reed Roofing, a division of Don Reed Construction, Inc. 


   In 2018, it became evident that Don and Beverly are ready to retire. For the past few years, Paul has been overseeing Reed Roofing - estimates, crew management, vendors, the works. Leslie has been handling the construction side of things - both for Don Reed Construction, Inc and Reed McDaniel Construction, Inc. 


  In January 2020, Don and Beverly Reed retired, and Reed McDaniel Construction, Inc acquired Reed Roofing and became the largest 2nd generation family owned construction business in Columbia County.
Under the leadership of Paul and Leslie McDaniel, Reed McDaniel Construction and Reed Roofing will continue the legacy of quality and customer service our customers have come to expect since 1973. 


Reed McDaniel Construction, Inc and Reed Roofing are based in Lake City, FL. We service many of the surrounding counties including: Suwannee, Alachua, Dixie, Hamilton, Baker and name a few.


We are a VA registered Vendor and work hand in hand with APD, BSCIP and Medicaid on state funded ADA modification projects.


We are licensed and insured, as well as our subcontractors.




Paul McDaniel - VP, CFO


Leslie Reed McDaniel - P, CEO


Christy Gehr - Office Manager


Jim Cannington - Field Supervisor


Jocsan Blas - Crew Leader

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